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Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 2:18 pm
by saurabh
It is very sad that Arvind kejrival can do anything for winning the elections. We can see how this person using youth as a weapon. Kapil gurjar is latest example. He is trying to show that hindu’s are terrorists. AAP is doing everything to win the election. His leader Amnatullah khan regularly visiting Saheen bagh and trying to create controversies. People are understanding now the things and it can be a tough fight between AAP and BJP.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 3:07 pm
by chetak

RVS Mani on who could be funding AAP from abroad

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:16 pm
by chetak
If this "Open Letter" by ex AAPian GR Gopinath is to be believed, Kejriwal is planning to leave CMship to other {Read Sisodia} & focus on other states {for 2024}

Dear @BJP4Delhi, share this piece with Delhi Voters before they're fooled, again.


Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:11 am
by saurabh
Manish Sisodia's OSD arrested. Everyone at this party is corrupted. Kejriwal is selling tickets to the candidates now Deputy CM's OSD got arrested. and these all talk about the swarjya. They betrayed Anna for their own cause. Such a shame.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:58 am
by saurabh
I like the way this uber driver shows his Nationalism
:D :D :D ... 20/photo/1

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Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:32 am
by chetak
Looks like Vidhu Vinod Chopra fucked up. Haven't seen such livid reaction from a movie viewer, clearly shows the pain they went through. #Shikara ... 4709074944

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 5:47 am
by chetak
this is how these demented urban naxal, congi house negro journos generate fake news

M K Venu @mkvenu1
A very senior Congress leader & former CM of Delhi told me AAP would have got an additional 2 to 3 percentage vote share simply because BJP leaders launched a personal attack on Kejriwal, calling him a “terrorist”. This vicious attack angered voters who have been on the fence.
8:35 PM · Feb 8, 2020·

this urban naxal is very accomplished. he can commune with the dead :mrgreen:


All former CMs of Delhi are Dead
List of former Dilli CMs:

1952-55: Brahm Prakash: d 1993
1955-56: Nihal Singh d unknown
1993-96: Madan Lal Khurana d 2018
1996-98: Sahib Singh Verma d 2007
1998-98: Sushma Swaraj d 2019
1998-2013: Sheila Dixit d 2019

Which former CM did you speak to sir?

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Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:36 pm
by chetak
Kerala: Kannur Collectorate receives three citizenship applications under Citizenship Act
WHAT WILL CPM govt do now ?
Kerala: Kannur Collectorate receives three citizenship applications under Citizenship Act

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 12:46 pm
by chetak
no need to say anything more.

Isn't this exactly what happened during the run up to the partition too.

Overheard in #Parliament : “seedhi baat hai, Muslim poora polarise hua, Hindu ghanta hua.”!#ParliamentDiaries #DelhiResults

— Nistula Hebbar (@nistula) February 11, 2020

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 2:28 am
by Muns
I'm not sure really what to say regarding the Delhi elections. Sounds like to me, that Delhi voters just didn't make it out. Not sure if it's just a WhatsApp message but I've decided to post it as below. Vote share really was minimal again. It seems that middle-class Hindu voters just aren't threatened enough it seems to really come out and make a difference. Also, the lack of a real chief minister candidate must've hurt the BJP.
Freebies also are a worrying trend. Kejriwal, has promised and delivered to some extent on free water, free electricity, free Wi-Fi, free bus passes and nobody really seems to understand where the funding for all of this will turn up from. He will no doubt I am sure try to pull from central funds.
Five more years of the muffler man.

Swarajya seems to indicate that the BJP were really slow entrants back into Delhi. They really came in over the last month. I really find this hard to believe as I remember the exact same argument being put forward exactly 5 years ago as well. You think that they might've learned something from the last time around.

Maybe it's time to focus back on Maharashtra. Last I heard Udhav, is trying to play it safe by focusing on what Fadnavis left behind. This includes five days of government jobs as well as the coastal road as well.
They have been quite a few defections to MNS as well as the BJP. Hard numbers from what I understand a hard to come by. However, Shiv Sena it seems has had to do a deal with the devil.....Aurangzeb might've been a better choice. Congress as well as NCP have made the Shiv Sena their lap dog.

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Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 2:30 am
by Muns

BJP lost by less than:
100 votes: 8 Seats
1,000 votes:19 Seats
2,000 votes: 9 Seats
Add this seat won 8
It comes to 44 seat

Think what people do when they don't vote .
What u get when voting percentage is low .

3% more voting could have changed the entire game.

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Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:30 am
by chetak
Re-imposing the Jizyah: Decoding Sharjeel Imam’s Speech

Re-imposing the Jizyah: Decoding Sharjeel Imam’s Speech

The Hindu, after independence, until very recently, was living in an undeclared Jizyah, in which he was subsidizing the Islamization of India and accepted the status of a second-class citizen with public humiliation heaped upon his religious sympathies

Pankaj Saxena @PankajSaxena84

Demography (Persecution & Proselytisation) | 13-02-2020

If the CAA protests across the country revealed the gaping wound of India that is Islamic radicalism, the Shaheen Bagh protests have removed all doubt. The truth about radical Islam had never become so obvious before, at least in front of the general public. The relation of the so-called moderate Muslims with radical Islam has never been any clearer.

Political ideologies like secularism, liberalism, socialism, which were used to play the game of deception with the Hindu masses, are now past their expiry dates. Radical Islam had been using these ideological vehicles to peddle its narrative and further its agenda until the time of deception would be over. The deception was planned until the Muslims would be at least 30% in number, when the need to maintain a façade would be over and they could come out directly in the open with the Islamization of India as their end goal.

The End of the Useful Idiot

The BJP government with its back-to-back decisions on Article 370, Ram Janmabhoomi, Sabarimala Review and the CAA forced them to reveal their hand before time. And now the cat is out of the bag. The façade of secularism lies shattered on the ground and the useful idiots among Hindus who helped keep up that façade are left to pick up the bits and pieces. Like any traitors, they are the first ones to be discarded and rejected.

The Shaheen Bagh revolutionaries have been gifting us one eternal truth after another, almost every day. There are some crucial takeaways from their ‘revolutionary speeches’.

The time of the Hindu useful idiot is over. Sharjeel Imam has said what every radical Muslim thinks about Hindu useful idiots like Kanhaiya Kumar. They are useful only until the charade of secularism is up. Once the radical Muslim is out in the open, the useful idiot is usually the first one to be disposed of, like the traitor who leads the foreign army to the gates of his country. Once the secret path is given up, there really is no use for him. Past his usefulness, he only becomes a burden to carry.

The ‘secularism’ of this useful idiot was useful in deluding the Hindu, but it also runs the risk of deluding future Muslims about the true goal of radical Islam and hence once the charade is over, the smokescreen of secularism has to be disposed off immediately. That is why Sharjeel Imam and his female versions are so eager to do away with Kannhaiya Kumars and others. Their time is up.

This is good for Hindu society. One by one the smokescreens created by the unholy alliance of radical Islam and liberal left are clearing. One by one the enemy lines are becoming visible. The elephant in the room is now becoming increasingly visible to the common Hindus. This will make the defense of Hindu Dharma easier.

The Concept of Jizyah

The second most important take-away from the speech of Sharjeel Imam is his call for the re-imposition of Jizyah on the Hindus.

“Ab Waqt ye hai ki ham gair muslimon se bolein ki agar hamdard ho to hamaari sharton par aake khade ho…”

“Time has come for us Muslims to tell the non-Muslims, that if you sympathize with us then you have to act on our terms…” [1]

The ‘othering’ of the Hindus cannot be more complete than this. The visceral hatred for everything and everyone non-Muslim is palpably clear. But it doesn’t just stop at hate. Sharjeel Imam may have shocked the millennial Hindus, but it is the standard Islamic attitude towards all non-Muslims and particularly Hindus.

Hindus, under the Islamic law, Shariat, have no rights at worst and secondary status at best. The non-Muslim is living in perpetual sin, as believing in any other religion after the One True Faith had been revealed to Prophet Muhammad is the gravest sin possible. The Hindu, in his devilishness and superstition still believes in his demonic false gods. And it is the pious duty of the devout Muslim to bring him to the One True Religion of Islam or kill him if he does not agree. The pagan polytheists have only two choices under Islamic rule. Either convert to Islam, or die at the hands of the devout Muslim.

The Prophetic Monotheistic religions like Christianity and Judaism were exempted from this fate temporarily by giving them some protection under the tag of the ‘People of the Book’. This is called the imposition of Jizyah. The non-Muslims are given ‘protection’ under Jizyah. The status of the non-Muslim is of a second-class citizen in such a state under Jizyah and he is called the Dhimmi. But this ‘protection’ is far worse than the protection of the collection mafias of Mumbai. While the mafia is only just after money and perhaps women, the soldiers of radical Islam would aim at nothing less than the absolute destruction of the culture and civilization of the subject non-Muslims.

This law was not applicable on the Hindus according to many schools of Islamic jurisprudence since the Hindus were the worst kind of offenders, the idolaters and the superstitious worshippers of demons. However, the Hindus were just too many to massacre and so in some schools of Islamic jurisprudence (like the Hanbali) the Hindus too were granted ‘protection’ under the rule of Jizyah. The destruction of Hindu culture and civilization goes on apace under the imposition of Jizyah, gradually but definitively.

The Terms of Jizyah

Dr. Harsh Narain has done a brilliant study of Jizyah and the Spread of Islam. He says that Jizyah is nothing more than a tool of completing the global conquest of Islam. “Jizyah presupposes the principles (i) That the world is meant for and belongs to the Muslims to the entire exclusive of the Kafirs, and (ii) That thereby life and property of the communities conquered by the Muslims in Jihad is entirely at the disposal of the latter, who could plunder, enslave, or kill them at will.” [2]

Looking at the world through this Islamic lens, the devout Muslim thinks that he has legal right over all lands all over the globe. Any non-Muslim country, institution or individual existing and holding land is violating the basic rights of the Muslims. And hence it is legal for them to wage Jihad and take back these lands from non-Muslims and establish the rule of Allah over all earth.

This is called the imposition of Jizyah on them, in which certain disabilities are imposed upon the second-class non-Muslim. The second Caliph of Islam, the second of the Four rightly guided Caliphs, Umar, was a great military general. It was his aggression and vision that spread Islam far and wide, outside the boundaries of Arabia. The Islam of Prophet Muhammad had become confined inside Arabia. It was Umar who made it a global faith, outcompeting Christianity for a while.

When Umar conquered Syria from the Byzantine Empire, Damascus was laid to waste. Its ancient churches were destroyed, mosques built over them and Jizyah was declared to ‘protect’ the non-Muslim or Christian population of the province. The Jizyah is a tax which the non-Muslim has to pay under the Muslim rule, just for existing, just for staying non-Muslim and not converting to Islam.

Not converting to Islam is considered a serious sin in the Islamic jurisprudence, and for a certain period of time, the ignorant heathen is allowed to remain non-Muslim under serious disabilities and a high penalty. The Christians of Syria of the seventh century had no choice but to agree to the terms of Jizyah. They were forced to sign a letter which Umar signed and ratified. This letter is the earliest document which codifies the terms of Jizyah. It became a model for all non-Muslims who were to be put under the yoke of Jizyah. I am reproducing the terms of that letter:

‘Not to build in Damascus and its environs church, convent, chapel, monk’s hermitage;
‘Not to repair what is dilapidated of our churches nor any of them that are in Muslim quarters;
‘Not to withhold our churches from Muslims stopping there by night or day;
‘To open doors to the travelers and the wayfarer;
‘Not to shelter there nor in our houses a spy, not to hide one who is a traitor to the Muslims;
‘To beat the naqus only gently in our churches;
‘Not to display a cross on them;
‘Not to raise our voices in prayer or chanting in our churches;
‘Not to carry in procession a cross or our book;
‘Not to take our Easter or Psalm Sunday processions;
‘Not to raise our voices over our dead, nor to show fires with them in the markets of the Muslims, nor bring our funerals near them;
‘Not to sell wine nor parade idolatry in companies of Muslims;
‘Not to entice a Muslim to our religion nor invite him to it;
‘Not to keep slaves who have been the property of Muslims;
‘Not to prevent any relative from entering Islam if he wishes it;
‘To keep our religion wherever we are;
‘Not to resemble the Muslims in wearing the qalansuwah (hat of a Greek priest), the turban, shoes, nor in the parting of the hair, nor in the way of riding;
‘Not to use their language nor be called by their names;
‘To cut the hair in front and divide our forelocks;
‘To tie the zunnar round our waists;
‘Not to engrave Arabic on our seals;
‘Not to ride our saddles;
‘Not to keep arms nor put them in our houses nor wear swords;
‘To honor Muslims in their gatherings, to guide them on the road, to stand up in public meetings when they wish it;
‘Not to make our houses highter than theirs;
‘Not to teach our children the Koran;
‘Not to be partners with a Muslim except in business;
‘To entertain every Muslim traveler in our customary style and feed them in it three days;
‘We will not abuse a Muslim and he who strikes a Muslim has forfeited his rights.” [3]
Translated into the current scenario where a radicalized minority is threatening the quiescent Hindu majority with unconditional compliance these terms would mean that:

The Hindus can’t build any new temple; can’t repair old ones; have to allow the Muslims to desecrate them; have to allow the Muslims to use them for civil and military purposes and in turn destroy them.
The Hindus under Jizyah can’t display Hindu religious symbols in public; not to show any signs of Hindu culture in public. They also can’t stop Muslims from intervening in their private affairs.
In case of conversions to Islam, Hindus under Jizyah: can’t convert Muslims to Hinduism; can’t convert the converted Hindus back to Hinduism; can’t stop their family members from converting.
The Hindus under Jizyah have to wear different dress, markers identifying him as a non-Muslim Kaffir.
The Hindus under Jizyah also can’t keep arms of any kind.
Jizyah in Modern India

Analyzing the post-independence history of India, one would realize with shock that Hindus are already under a kind of Jizyah. What Sharjeel Imam was calling for was just the declaration of his Allah ordained right.

The Hindu still cannot show his religious symbols in public without fear. Hindu processions in many parts of the country are routinely attacked by Muslim hooligans and quite often the Hindu pilgrims are waylaid and massacred by rampaging Muslim mobs. In areas like Bengal and Kerala taking out a Hindu procession has become a hazardous proposition in itself. [4]

Vande Mataram, which should have been India’s National Anthem, was rejected because it hurt the iconoclastic sensibilities of the Muslims. Iconoclasm, a destructive tendency which aims to destroy all art, is respected by India’s political elite, just because it appeases the Muslims.

While the Hindus could and did build many new temples post-independence the apathy that the anti-Hindu governments showed towards Hindu heritage meant that some of the most magnificent temples rotted under the ‘supervision’ of the ASI, meaning that they would not be revived as sacred centers and just be maintained as historical ruins at the mercy of an antiquated government department. Most of the sites of the original Hindu temples are still occupied by some Islamic monument and the Hindu cannot reclaim any of those.

And while the Muslims control their institutions, the Hindus are not free to do so. Most of the important Hindu temples in India come under State control. This is not a place to go into the details but it will suffice to say that the finances and the administration of these temples are managed by the government. The same governments then, in pandering to Muslim appeasement, fund Haz pilgrimage and many other schemes benefitting only the Muslim community. In this way, the Hindu temple is directly funding the Muslim only projects. This is a clear case of modern Jizyah that Hindus still pay to the Muslim community.

In the case of conversions too, the same situation prevails. Love Jihad is just one aspect of conversion to Islam. While there is no repercussion of a Hindu converting to Islam, a Muslim converting to Hinduism is more often than not, brutally murdered by the Muslim community and hence conversions from Islam to Hinduism are so rare that one can scarcely find them. [5]

And the Arms Act 1959 selectively affects the Hindu community in keeping arms. While the law does not discriminate between the followers of the two communities, in practice the difference comes because of the differences in tendencies to abide by law. While the Hindu dutifully abides by the secular law of modern India, the Muslims keep stocking arms in their mosques and even their homes without risking getting caught by the police. The risk, until some vigilant government like that of Yogi Adityanath, was very low since the establishment always feared ‘angering the Muslim community’.

The dictum to convert Hindus to Islam and not let the reverse process happen is a strategy towards the ultimate goal of Islam: absolute conversion of all Hindus to Islam and to make India an Islamic country. This Islamization of India goes apace with high rates of birth among the Muslim community and with the aid of infiltration from the neighboring country of Bangladesh which sends off all of its access Muslims to India, thereby killing many birds with one target. Many cities in Kerala are fast turning into all Muslim provinces.

The act of CAA coupled with the future NRC in principle threatens to reverse at least this process of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltration in India. The goal is far from being achieved and will demand an iron discipline from the BJP government. But even the hint that the Islamization of India will be prevented has boiled the blood of radical Muslims. That is why the likes of Sharjeel Imam are calling for the blockade of north east India by suffocating the ‘chicken neck’ of India. The idea behind Sharjeel’s exhortation is to cut off North East from India and then to completely Islamize it with a genocide of its Hindu and Christian populations.

While even the kids of the RSS leaders are scarcely aware of the civilizational dangers that the Hindu society faces from its enemies, even the illiterate Muslims could respond with pleasure on Sharjeel Imam’s call for cutting the ‘chicken neck’ of India.

That is the level at which the global consciousness of Islam operates. For Muslims, geo-political strategy is a part of their ‘deen’, their practice of religion. Just by being Muslim they know the religious demographic map of India by heart. They know which areas they dominate; they know which areas they are ascendant in; and they know which areas they need to target in future in order to make India an Islamic country.

What was even more threatening in his speech was his order that now “Hindus will have to live on the will and whims of Muslims’. The Islamic sense of superiority, the visceral hatred for the ‘other’, the non-Muslim, the hated Kaffir, the idolatrous Hindu, is so absolute that the slightest provocation leads an ‘educated Muslim’ to express it in very clear terms. What Sharjeel Imam was saying was that the superior Muslim cannot bear to live under the rule of the dirty Kaffir and thus the Hindu has to comply with the demands of the Muslim.

But all this anger, violence against the Hindu population of India is not just because of the CAA. Ever since independence the Hindus were essentially following the Jizyah and simply accepted their fate that they cannot reclaim their sacred spaces and destroyed temples that were destroyed in the Middle Ages by the Muslim iconoclasts and were replaced by mosques.

That the Ram Mandir is the first case of such reclamation by the Hindu, in which a pagan, polytheistic society has been able to reclaim its sacred space from Islam, has rattled the radical Muslim of India. For anyone who is obsessed with goal of Islamization of India, this is a dangerous precedent. It shows that the advance of Islam can be reversed and was reversed in this case. Who can guarantee that the Hindus, thus awakened, won’t demand other of his places to be returned to him?

The Hindu, after independence, until very recently, was living in an undeclared Jizyah, in which he was subsidizing the Islamization of India and accepted the status of a second-class citizen with public humiliation heaped upon his religious sympathies, with the government working against him and the Muslims getting the lion’s share of every resource.

It is the refusal of the Hindu to no more follow the Jizyah that has angered the likes of Sharjeel Imam, Arfa Khanum, Saba Naqvi etc.

And it is this momentum which the Hindu society has to keep up if he does not want a return to the status of the second-class citizen where his women could be kidnapped and converted to Islam, where his temples would be destroyed, where he would be forced to subsidize the Islamization and the subsequent destruction of his ancestral dharma and society.

REFERENCES ... of-action/
Narain, Harsh. Jizyah and the Spread of Islam. Voice of India, 1990. p. 11-12.
Ibid. p. 24-26. ... -zindabad/

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 9:20 am
by chetak
this is a clear articulation of what Hindutwa is and what it is not and he spells it out in no uncertain terms.

the stupid poodle anchor is playing dumb by saying that there is no proselytization or religious aggression by the abrahamic faiths in the "21st century" and so why is Hindutwa required at all :mrgreen:

Shefali Vaidya. @ShefVaidya · 6h

This young MP will go far. Articulate, aware, well-read and absolutely clear in this thought.
Take a bow @Tejasvi_Surya ... 6663540736

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:38 pm
by chetak
just goes to show how the darbaris, naukars, family retainers and house negroes are still deeply embedded in the govt even today. Three months after the Modi government withdrew SPG cover to Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, the family still managed to retain many of its royal privileges due to the devious connivance of the baboo(n)s.

Even after the withdrawal of their SPG cover, the Airports Authority of India and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security have been informally allowing the Gandhis to drive up to the aircraft.

Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka set to lose airport privilege

Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka set to lose airport privilege

February 13, 2020

Three months after the Modi government withdrew SPG cover to Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, they are all set to lose another special status provided to them.

R Rajagopalan reports.

Like the rest of us, Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi will soon have to stand in queue at airports to board flights after going through the regular security drill.

Three months after the Narendra Damodardas Modi government withdrew the Special Protection Group cover to the Gandhis, they are all set to lose the special status provided to them -- of their car driving up to the staircase of the aircraft after bypassing the security check and boarding process.

This follows the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security flagging the Union home ministry the issue of former SPG protectees being allowed to drive up to the aircraft when the security drill of the Central Reserve Police Force and Central Industrial Security Force, which currently guards them, does not allow for this privilege.

Even after the withdrawal of their SPG cover, the Airports Authority of India and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security have been informally allowing the Gandhis to drive up to the aircraft, but when a vehicle of a former SPG protectee recently collided with another car near the aircraft, the airport security threatened to file an FIR.

Matters were sorted with the CRPF backing off, but the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security decided to ask the CRPF to ensure that their protectees submit themselves to the security drill.

Also, while Union ministers, the Chief Justice of India, former prime ministers and members of Parliament are subject to regular security drills before emplaning, the special status accorded to the three Gandhis was creating security and legal issues, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security decided, and decided to flag the Union home ministry its concerns.

If the home ministry, headed by Amit Anilchandra Shah, accept the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security proposal, the Gandhis will have to go through airport security and stand in queue with others passengers to board domestic or international flights.

When the proposal to withdraw SPG cover to the Gandhis was being discussed in the Union Cabinet there were apprehensions and divisions over the move, before it agreed to have the SPG guard only the incumbent prime minister and his family.

Shah argued in Parliament that even Modi will not get SPG cover after he demits office, before the House gave its approval to divest the Gandhis of special security cover.


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Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 2:14 am
by chetak
Deconstructing Shaheen Bagh experiment in light of Delhi Election results

Deconstructing Shaheen Bagh experiment in light of Delhi Election results

Ratan Sharda

Last 6 months have seen violence as a tool to unsettle the society, particularly Hindus. It is an idea found very attractive by Islamists, anarchists and and frustrated Marxists. This is bound to be used in coming days tellingly.

I was waiting for Delhi elections to get over before I deconstructed Shaheen Bagh (SB). I didn’t want it to be coloured by shrill vicious campaigning. A lot has been written and spoken about it. However, my interaction with many politicians and spokespersons of different hues during last few weeks during Delhi elections and subsequent to results helped me understand their mindset.

First let us first look at Delhi through electoral glasses. It is clear that voters discriminate between local, state and national elections clearly. Delhi proved it yet again, and it works both ways. Since 2013, Delhi has elected BJP in national elections but preferred AAP in local elections. The trend in other state elections too show this. Voter in Delhi seemed to have discriminated between national and local self interest. Opinion polls showed heavy support for CAA but same voters seemed to have put more faith in AAP on issues of Delhi as seen in opinion polls. A BJP supporter may not agree with this, but this is the truth.

This choice has other implications too. It is obvious that Indians prefer Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, but are ready to experiment with other parties if they are not happy with regional BJP leaders. It seems people have higher expectations from BJP and it is always under microscope while opposition can win by default even with poorer track record. It is funny that every local election is a test for BJP but not others.

Delhi, it is a small city state. I had said during election campaign that BJP should project a mayor for a city state. While opposition had a clear mayoral face with a solid vote bank, BJP wished to ride on central leadership. It was a major flaw. It started very late while Kejriwal launched his campaign a year ahead mostly with false claims that BJP never countered. BJP needed a campaign on city state with issues like CAA as an add-on to counter vicious propaganda.

Congress abdicated its role as the third biggest party that had ruled Delhi for 15 years till recently. Congress history tells us that wherever it has decided to abdicate its position, it has been relegated to the margins. Clearly Congress will no more be the centre piece of any opposition allliance. Arvind Kejriwal will try to usurp this position.

Shaheen Bagh blockade turned out to be a non issue. It may be a surprise for BJP leaders and a delight of left secular politicians. However it is a half truth. Shaheen Bagh was milked to the hilt for elections by left-secular communal forces. It was nurtured by AAP’s minister Amanatulla Khan. Enough electronic evidence is available, so none can claim it is fake. Yes, it didn’t matter for “majority” community as its voting % and results show. They preferred the comfort of free facilities over frightening scenario they witnessed in the name of CAA protests. Minority bought Islamist line hook line and sinker. We had Jekyll and Hyde in the form of Amanatulla and Kejriwal. Arvind had special largess for Muslim clerics while Hindus were fed hollow Bajrangbali slogans.

It is strange that many commentators see AAP win as a validation of SB sit-in. SB shows that with the willing media playing along, and a herd mentality centred around mosques and rabid organisations, an agitation can be propped up by misrepresentation of facts, falsehood and propaganda and find international echo too.

SB was a cover up to give a sheen of respectability to Jihadi elements who had let loose violence in the name of anti-CAA protests claiming it was against Muslims, that they would be thrown out of Indian. You could hear this uniformly from Kerala to Kanpur. No leader actually showed scared Muslims the CAA act copy. An act that had nothing against Indian Muslims was abused as anti-Indian Muslims. Their leaders knew well that its utter falsehood. To put it simply, anti-CAA axis wanted the hunted minority be given same facilities as the Muslim hunters from the neighouring Islamic countries. This agitation saw most poisonous hate mongering but critics blame it on BJP. Secular lobbies and their mentors haven’t changed.

While Jinnah was upfront, his successors of various shades have fine tuned strategy and exploited democratic rights, claim to love constitution even as they openly attack constitutional right of elected representatives of Parliament. Their insistence on Shariah confirms that democracy and constitution is to be exploited till they can control it. Due to adverse reactions to violence let loose in the name of anti-CAA, Islamist groups ably supported by Congress and Left brigade turned to “Tequiah” or speaking untruth in the interest of long term strategy of turning Dar-ul-Harb into Dar-ul-Islam. Those who had argued endlessly why they would not stand up for National Anthem, stood up. Suddenly Tricolour outnumbered Islamic flags. Actual intent was to over awe the majority community and put across their supremacist agenda very clearly. A few Hindus or Sikhs there were a smoke screen. Putting “shahada” in place of Ashok chakra, sloganeering about supremacy of Allah, Jinnah wali Azadi, open challenge to replace Constitution with Sharia, highly abusive video clips gave the game away. In fact the slogans raised in SB were the same used by Kashmiri Muslim hoards in 1990s. When one asks them what is anti Indian Muslim in CAA and which country in the world doesn’t have NCR of some kind or the other, they fail to answer. Then they talk of intent and fear, which they have created. It is use of Tequiah by toxic mixing up facts vs sentiments.

What is sinister about Shaheen Bagh Model is the Islamists and Marxist nexus. JNU crowd openly supported them. Jamia Milia was there. Most rabid Muslim party with a name like Majlis-e-Ittehad-Musilmeen (MIM) claiming to be secular was guiding it. Secular of all shades, including Congress were cheering them on. These groups were so happy that the government didn't use harsh laws against them they began replicating it in other parts of India. Mumbai sit-in came up through MIM. There was nothing spontaneous about SB or succeeding sit-ins. The very fact that the SB people went home on the very day the elections were over, shows the intent of Islamist leaders. All anti-forces happily say now, privately, that CAA is good for their politics and SB is the way to bring down Modi.

Thus, it is not the end. Last 6 months have seen violence as a tool to unsettle the society, particularly Hindus. It is an idea found very attractive by Islamists, anarchists and and frustrated Marxists. This is bound to be used in coming days tellingly. With many friendly anti-Modi state governments, fomenting trouble and showing India as a highly disturbed nation will be easy. Chances of turbulence of last 5 years so far seen in Parliament and TV studios spilling onto roads in a wide spread manner are very high. Hindu society needs to be alert.

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by chetak
Two courts give opposite judgements on citizenship in same week, Mumbai court says Election card is proof of citizenship, Gauhati HC says it is not

Two courts give opposite judgements on citizenship in same week, Mumbai court says Election card is proof of citizenship, Gauhati HC says it is not

FEBRUARY 16, 2020

Gauhati High Court has ruled that the Voter Identity Card is not a valid proof of citizenship, as it is issued after 1971, the cut-off date as per Assam Accord

While the debate on citizenship in the country rages on with the ongoing protests against CAA, NPR and NRC, two completely opposite judgements have come from two courts in the country on proof of citizenship in the same week. While a court in Mumbai has said that the Voter Identity Card issued by the Election Commission is a proof of citizenship, the Gauhati High Court has said that it is not.

According to reports, a Magistrate court in Mumbai has said that Voter Identity Cards are valid proof of citizenship while acquitting a couple accused of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Ruling that the, Abbas Shaikh (45) and Rabiya Shaikh (40), who were arrested in 2017, were able to prove that they are Indian citizens, the court said, “the birth certificate, domicile certificate, bonafide certificate, passport, etc can be relied upon to establish the origin of any person.” The court then added that, “even the election card can be said to be a sufficient proof of citizenship as while applying for the election card or voting card, a person has to file declaration with the authority in view of Form 6 of Peoples Representation Act to the authority that he is citizen of India and if the declaration is found false, he is liable for punishment.” The court said that the couple had submitted original documents, and the prosecution could not prove that they were obtained fraudulently and they were not genuine.

Although the court clarified that Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving licence and Ration Card are not valid proofs of citizenship.

On the other hand, in an order issued on February 12, the Gauhati High Court has ruled that the Voter Identity Card is not a valid proof of citizenship. Saying that petitioner Munindra Biswas can’t be termed as Indian citizen based on Voter ID and name on Voter list, the High Court has said that supporting evidence is needed to prove citizenship.

The Gauhati High Court judgement on Voter ID

Quoting an earlier judgement of the same court, the division bench of Justice Manojit Bhuyan and Justice Parthivjyoti Saikia said, “Regarding Electoral Photo Identity Card this court in the case of Md. Babul Islam Vs. State of Assam [WP(C) No. 3547 of 2016] has held that Electoral Photo Identity Card is not a proof of citizenship”.

The 2016 judgement had said that the Electoral Photo Identity Card is a post 25.03.1971 document. Besides, merely producing such an identity card in the absence of supporting evidence would not be proof of citizenship, the Gauhati High Court had ruled. Like the Mumbai Court, the Gauhati High Cort had also ruled that documents like PAN card, Driving licence are not proof of citizenship.

The petitioner had also submitted a voter list from 1997 containing his name and two sales deeds from 1964 and 1970, but the court said they are not enough evidence. The judgement said that the sale deeds are private documents, and their execution has to be proved by admissible evidence, which was not done. The court also ruled that a voter list from 1997 is not a proof that the petitioner has been staying in Assam prior to 1971, a requirement as per the Assam Accord 1985 for claiming citizenship in Assam.

Although both the judgements contradict each other completely, both have logic behind them. In general, the Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) should be the proof of citizenship, as holding an EPIC and having the name listed in voter list means that one can vote in Indian elections, and only Indian citizens are allowed to vote in elections in India. While others like Aadhaar, PAN, driving licence etc can be issued to foreigners legally living in India, that is not the case for Voter ID, and that’s why it is a valid proof of citizenship.

But the Gauhati High Court is also correct that voter ID is not enough to prove citizenship in the context of Assam. Citizenship in Assam has separate criteria than the rest of the country. According to section 6A of the Citizenship Act, 1955, which was inserted as per the provisions of Assam Accord, those foreigners who came to Assam on or before 25th March 1971, will be considered Indian citizens. As the voter cards are issued after that date, and the voter list with the petitioner’s name was from 1997, they don’t prove that he came to Assam before the cut-off date.

Moreover, the Assam Accord was signed after the six-year-long agitation demanding the deportation of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. The agitation was started after a large number of suspected voters were found to be included in voter lists for a byelection in 1978. The agitation had three Ds as the demands, detection, deletion and deportation. Means the illegal voters have to be detected, their name deleted from electoral rolls, and they should be deported. It is alleged that a large number of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh has managed to get themselves registered as voters in India, giving them the power to change political arithmetic in several constituencies in Assam. Due to that reason, having Voter Identity Card or having name listed on a voter list after 1971 is not enough to prove that on is Indian citizen in Assam.

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by chetak

Jammu & Kashmir पर Farookh Abdullah & Ghulam Nabi Azad की Deal सुनकर आपके होश उड़ जायेंगे

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by chetak
Maha Vikas Aghadi crumbling? NCP fumes as Uddhav Thackeray stays firm on NPR implementation, Pawar summons meeting

Maha Vikas Aghadi crumbling? NCP fumes as Uddhav Thackeray stays firm on NPR implementation, Pawar summons meeting

Both the Congress and the NCP have been vocal against the CAA and the proposed NRC from the beginning. To this end, they have been stating that they will oppose the NPR exercise because it is nothing but 'NRC in disguise'.

FEBRUARY 17, 2020

Shiv Sena supports NPR in Maharashtra, NCP, Congress oppose

Just after snubbing NCP’s requests and supporting the centre’s decision to hand over the Bhima Koregaon case investigation to NIA, the Uddhav Thackeray government seems to have got into another potential rift with its alliance partners. As per reports, the Shiv Sena chief and Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray is all set to roll out the National Population Register exercise in the state from May 1.

NPR roll-out ‘divides’ Maha Vikas Aghadi.

NCP chief @PawarSpeaks summons NCP ministers; meeting likely to be held today.

Details by TIMES NOW’s Aruneel.

— TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) February 17, 2020

As per reports, Uddhav Thackeray has ignored the protests and objections from both the Congress and the NCP and has announced that the NPR exercise will be rolled out in the state from May 1. The state has reportedly already started preparations for the same.

NCP chief Sharad Pawar has today summoned all 16 of his ministers in the Uddhav Thackeray government for a meeting in South Mumbai. It is reported hat Pawar has been very vocal over his displeasure at Uddhav deciding not to challenge the centre’s decision handing over the Bhima Koregaon investigation to the NIA.

Both the Congress and the NCP have been vocal against the CAA and the proposed NRC from the beginning. To this end, they have been stating that they will oppose the NPR exercise because it is nothing but ‘NRC in disguise’.

It is notable here that NCP had claimed multiple times that once in power, it will drop cases against the Bhima Koregaon rioters. However, the central government handing over the cases to NIA at the nick of time has quashed its hopes. NCP leader and Maharashtra home minister Anil Deshmukh had even stated that CM Thackeray had overruled his decision and had declared not to challenge the centre’s order.

Recently, Deshmukh had even declared that the state is exploring legal options to block the NPR and NRC in the state. He had even urged the anti-CAA protestors in the state to call off their agitation asserting that NRC and NPR will not be implemented in the state.

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I-T raids on Chandrababu Naidu ex PS yields Rs 2,000 crore

I-T raids on Chandrababu Naidu ex PS yields Rs 2,000 crore

Feb 14, 2020,

Amount is only a preliminary estimate and further investigations might reveal a higher fraud amount, IT officials said.

Vijayawada: The recent raids by the Income-Tax department on the former personal secretary of former chief minister and TD chief N. Chandrababu Naidu, and three prominent infrastructure companies considered close to the leader, revealed siphoning of funds to the tune of least Rs 2,000 crore. This amount is only a preliminary estimate and further investigations might reveal a higher fraud amount, I-T officials said.

The Income-Tax department on Thursday issued an official press release stating that “search operations carried out on close associates (of three infra companies), including a former personal secretary of a prominent person (read Mr Chandrababu Naidu, as searches were conducted at the premises of his ex-PS) and incriminating evidence was seized”.

The TD supremo, as a senior leader pointed out, was perplexed over the developments. One of the three firms raided belonged to Kadapa TD leader Srinivas Reddy’s R.K. Infra Corp. A close associate of Nara Lokesh, Mr Naidu’s son and TD party general secretary, was also raided. Sources in I-T department said that exchange of information between this associate and several top party leaders gave crucial leads to the I-T department.

“The I-T department says irregularities were found in infra companies. Government can take any action,” Mr Nara Lokesh told Deccan Chronicle.

Referring to the involvement of a former PS of the former CM, Mr Lokesh said that he was clueless on how a former PS was in possession of records of three large infra companies. “We did nothing wrong. We will wait and watch,” he said.

Explaining the modus operandi of the raids and subsequent investigations, Surabhi Ahluwalia, I-T commissioner, said that the three companies had indulged in multiple transactions by sub-contracting works to bogus and non-existent companies. These transactions were layered through multiple entities, with the last in the chain being small entities, with a turnover of less than `2 crore to avoid maintenance of books of accounts and tax audits, Ms Ahluwalia said.
Many of these companies weren’t found in the addresses mentioned in records or were found to be shell firms, she said.

25 bank lockers restrained, says I-T
Several sub-contractors were controlled by the principal contractor, on whose IP address the re-runs of sub contractors were found.

The I-T raids led to the busting of a major racket of cash generation through bogus sub contractors, over-invoicing and claiming of bogus bills. The searches resulted in unearthing unaccounted cash of `85 lakh and jewellery worth `71 lakh. More than 25 bank lockers were restrained, the IT department said.

The FDI receipts received in group companies of one of the three firms raided are suspected to be round tripping of unaccounted funds. The department also chanced upon emails and WhatsApp messages, besides incriminating records and papers which revealed unexplained foreign transactions.