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Kashmir including PoK news and discussion

Post by Muns » Wed Mar 22, 2023 6:43 am

Hi guys, it's been a long time. Have been working on specialization as well as exam preparation. Glad to see that that is all done with successfully. Now time to focus on getting back to publishing projects that we know are important.

Really excited to be to hear about the opening of the Sharada temple in Teetwal. Been watching YouTube videos on this the whole evening. Hard to believe that didn't catch up on this news before. Mainstream media has not really been reporting it as well but feel that this is hugely significant.

Teetwal it seems was always the base camp for the 80 km yatra to Sharada Peeth in Pakistani occupied Kashmir.
You can see across the Neelam River and see the Pakistani posts on the opposite side.
I feel that this is hugely significant even symbolically with the return of Sharada and to some extent even Kashmiri Pandits who have been on the yatra.

A lot of symbolism especially in the week of the hugely successful Kashmir files.
Watching the movie made my guts completely twist inside.
I hope that this will be the start to words really will re building a lot of old temple sites all across Kashmir.

It also seems that Teetwal, could do with some development. Across the river on the Pok side, there seems to be a lot more development with regard to tourist facilities as well as guest houses.

I also really that adequate security would be given along with some kind of 24 hour remote monitoring. I'm sure all of these things are obviously worked into the plan considering that this is the first Temple to open up in Kashmir in 70 years.
Looking forward to more pictures from the same.

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