D.I.Y. and Handyman thread

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D.I.Y. and Handyman thread

Post by Kabir » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:34 am

This thread is for any DIY, handyman, tools & workshop related posts

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Re: D.I.Y. and Handyman thread

Post by Vyoman » Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:42 am

So, SHQ calls me the whirlpool washer has gone kaput. I was at a gig far away home.she calls a technician and he says it costs 385 to fix. I said what? He tells the drain pump is not working and parts + labor.

I told SHQ to adjust till Thx giving when we can get some deal.. Samsung add wash model was in my mind.. but then the baniya mind in me thought about...

Switched on.. did a clean washer and got the error code F21 (not the raptor bro). So nothing stuck on the drain except for few plastics.. and noticed the pump itself was not firing up.. so he was right.

Amazon it was 80 bucks.. local parts store 99.99+tax. Got one home, replaced it.. and back working. It should easily go for another couple of years.

Earlier I changed the drum belts and their wheels (bearings) on the dryer because it was squeeking like crazy.

Saving a lot.. crazy labor charges and the worst part is he tells SHQ it is hot place to change.. hence high cost of labor. Firang lier.

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